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Is vaping safe?

There are a lot of information about vape pens online and you might be convinced about the positive reviews you see. But the real question is, IS VAPING REALLY SAFE? Vaping cannot be totally considered as safe. Just like any other new material released, there would be pros and cons of using vape pens. But it is safe to say that vaping is actually 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.  …

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Is it okay to vape when sick?

We can never deny the fact that, human as we are, we get sick. This is also true to vapers and non-vapers alike. One of the top most concern for vapers is that whether it would be okay to hit the pot when they are sick. Well, we got the answers for them!   Does vaping make you sick? Vapes do have a side effect, that is for sure. Three…