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The electronic cigarette has exploded onto the scene and is sweeping across the country like wildfire. You may have never vaped before, but it’s about time you did.

There are so many different models available, it can be overwhelming when trying to make the best decision. There are two types of electronic cigarettes:

the dry herb vaporizer and the oil vaporizer.

dry herb vaporizer

oil vaporizer
oil vaporizer

Each type can be used in tandem with the other or separately, it all depends on your preference and what you prefer as a smoker.

Smoke it Up! If you’re a hard-core “smoker” then the dry herb vaporizer is perfect for you.

Why? Because it heats up the dried herbs inside the device and your ready to go to smoke up some buds. If you’re not a “smoker” but still enjoy the great taste of great tasting herbal smoke, than the vaporizer is perfect for you.

Easily Accessorize Your E-Cigarette A lot of people like to use their electronic cigarettes with accessories such as charger and key chain.

With the vaporizer you have the option to keep your vaporizer with your key ring or throw it in the pocket and carry it where ever you go. It’s truly made to fit your lifestyle.

Also, the electronic cigarettes which use this type of heating material have a very unique way of heating your herbs. You’ll get a different type of flavor and much more from your vaporizer pen than you would from a traditional pen or cigar.

vape pen

Be Different Every Time You Vaporize With the dry herb vaporizer you have the option of totally avoiding tobacco.

You just use the vaporizer to take your medication or brush your teeth. No one will really know you’re going tobacco free. But you can definitely still enjoy all the same great benefits of using a vaporizer.

Have Fun With New Vaping Technology A lot of people love the novelty of getting a pen to vaporize instead of smoking.

There are even many models on the market that are fun and funky. So now you can actually use your favorite song as the sound of the vaporizer. That’s a lot of fun!

Save Money Since the cost of these products have come down so much you can get a great deal on the perfect vaporizer.

You can get a fantastic flavored vaporizer for a fraction of the price. Many vaporizers have been reduced in price from their original retail price. So now you can get a vaporizer for a fraction of what you’d pay in the store. And with the low price you can also save money with the tax advantage that electronic cigarettes offer.

Reason to Vape – If you like to consume dry herbs but don’t like the taste then this is a great way to get the flavor you want without the bother of dried herb.

Also, it is an awesome way to avoid the harshness of burning your mouth on regular cigarettes. You can enjoy a nice cool dry herb vaporizer while watching TV or reading the newspaper. The vaporizer is becoming a must have accessory for anyone who enjoys the vapors. If you aren’t a fan of the vaporizer yet then you should be when it starts to come out in popular styles.

Reason to Vape: If you want to stop worrying about the tar in your lungs and just want something else to use instead of cigarettes then the vaporizer is a great alternative.

It is a low risk way to try to quit smoking without the use of nicotine patches or medications. Just think about all the wonderful benefits you will reap by simply enjoying a nice vapor. These 9 reasons to vaporize reasons that everyone should give this a try.