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While you are sitting on the couch vaping away, your furry friend is sitting there to keep you company. Vaping is safe for you but but is it also safe for man’s best friend? Is vaping around pets ok?

Propylene Glycol is what vape juice is mostly made up of and is overall safe for humans and most pets. When inhaling from your vaporizer and then exhaling again the nicotine that you release is anywhere between 5 percent and 10 percent of the amount that you have inhaled. This is a very small amount and for it to affect your pet it would have to be directly concentrated. By vaping outside or with an open window the nicotine that you exhale is very small and diluted.

All though we see that there is no harm in the vapor that we exhale to our pets, there are some dangers:

Danger of vape cartridges or e-liquids

e-juice or e-liquids
e-juice or e-liquids

We all know that our furry friends love to explore and when they see your vape cartridge laying on the table, they are going to investigate it. Here is where vaping can get dangerous to your pets. When your pet ingests a vape cartridge or e-liquid it is going to affect your pet. Nicotine poisoning can occur even when the smallest amount is ingested and of course the size of your dog also plays a role. The smaller your pets are, the more susceptible they will be to toxicity.

Nicotine is absorbed faster in liquid form and may have a higher concentration.

“ In case of nicotine, cannabis or THC e-liquid ingestion, emergency veterinary intervention should be pursued or you can call a service such as the Pet Poison Helpline or ASPCA Poison Control. Both employ veterinary toxicologists who can provide information regarding toxicities. There are fees associated with these calls.”


Now we get to the dangers of the vaping device itself

Vaping around pets
Vaping around pets

 The batteries of vaping devices can be critical because most vaporizers contain batteries of lithium or alkaline. In less than 30 minutes of your pet ingesting these batteries, it can lead to chemical burns that cause severe tissue injury of the esophagus, stomach as well as lower intestinal tract, and ulcers can develop along the way. These ulcers can be deadly to your pet. 

 If your pet ingests a battery, it is an emergency, and you need to take them to the vet immediately. The vape pen can also get stuck in your pet’s throat and this can cause an obstruction and an irritation of the intestines. Your pet can also suffer from thermal burns to their mouth, throat, stomach, and esophagus if they were to chew on a part of the vape device that is hot.

Here are some tips for vaping around pets safely:


· Keep anything that is vape related out of your pet’s reach this includes, liquids, cartridges, and the vape device itself.

· Vape outside to avoid or minimize the direct exposure to your pet

· Provide some ventilation by putting on a fan in the room or opening the window

· When you suspect that your pet has ingested something let it get checked out immediately

· Notify the veterinarian when you go for your pet’s check-ups, that you vape 

There you have it, although the vapor you exhale is too small of an amount to harm your pet, you need to be aware of where you put your vape device and its accessories. You do not want your pet to chew or eat something that can be crucial. Look out for your furry friends by vaping safely.