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vape heat

You are still new too vaping and you are still getting used to your device and its features. As a beginner or someone that has been vaping for a while, you want to know what the best wattage is to vape at to get the best vaping experience. Get a snack, sit back, and read on.


When it comes to the wattage to vape at it will be different for everyone. It is all about what you prefer, what works for you maybe will not work for your friend.


Now we get to the interesting part, how is wattage going to influence my vape?

What is wattage?


It is the amount of electrical power that your vape is using. When you change the wattage of your vape you are changing the temperature that is delivered by the coil or atomizer as your e-juice is warmed.

Being able to change the temperature settings allows you to adjust your vape to your liking and preferences. The following are things that the temperature can influence:

  • Vape’s flavor
  • Throat hit
  • Vapor

By changing these things up, you will have an enjoyable vaping experience.

Here is a tip if you are vaping rich flavors like coffee or tobacco you will want to turn up the wattage. These flavors taste better when heated up. Sweeter flavors like fruity flavors, blueberry, as an example will taste better under a lower wattage because there is less warmth.


What is the ideal wattage to vape at?

Okay, it is all about how well you know your vape and how comfortable you are with it. The most gadgets available out there are 200 W. But it is possible for a vape of 10 W to satisfy you.

The range of 40 to 50 watts is where things get exciting. It is here where you will begin to recognize the quality of the flavor, how it hits your throat, and how big and thick your clouds are.

The vape gurus will stick to their daily range of 50 to 75 watts and then turn it up if they want to do tricks or try something new.


Do I need to turn up my wattage?

If you want bigger and thicker clouds or want to do some tricks, then you will have to look at a higher watt range. You will have to invest in a sub-ohm vaping kit. But as a beginner, you do not have to worry about this.


Some will vape at 10W and others will vape over 100W. Anything above 50W is seen as an advanced use.

Advantages of using a low wattage:

  • Longer battery life
  • You use less juice
  • The usage of smaller single cell mods


Advantage of Higher wattage:

  • When you are looking for bigger and thicker clouds


It all comes down to your preference in the end. So, start experimenting and see what you like. If you want to start doing tricks and living in the clouds, invest in the sub-ohm vaping kits and enjoy the journey.