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We can never deny the fact that, human as we are, we get sick. This is also true to vapers and non-vapers alike. One of the top most concern for vapers is that whether it would be okay to hit the pot when they are sick. Well, we got the answers for them!


Does vaping make you sick?

Vapes do have a side effect, that is for sure. Three of the most common side effects of vaping does include dehydration, coughing, and anxiety.

Dehydration is due to the propylene glycol content of the liquid used for the vape. It makes your mouth dry and makes you want to drink more water. Coughing is usually evident to smokers who just switched to vaping. Other reason is that the nicotine content of the vape may just be too high for the user. Anxiety is caused by the nicotine stimulant in the vape.

Although vaping has side effects that makes you sick, these side effects are actually easy to remedy. For dehydration, juts drink a lot of water every after puff. For coughing and anxiety, you can reduce the nicotine content of the vape.


Does Juuling make a cold worse?

Another term used for vaping is JUULING. Juul is an e-cigarette that is similar to a USB. It is very common and well-known to teenagers.

Most Juul e-cigarettes has nicotine in them. That is why, if nicotine can make a cold worse, then so is Juuling. This is the reason why vaping with a cold is not really advisable as it might just worsen the condition of the user.

Even if it is not a cold or flu, juuling while sick is really not advisable too. Just try to heal from your sickness first before you actually get back to vaping or juuling. But if you cannot resist it, try to take as less as you can.


Is it OK to vape with a sore throat?

It is NOT advisable to vape when you have a sore throat! It will only make the sore throat last longer! Nicotine has the tendency to irritate your lungs, so vaping especially with nicotine content e juices. If you have a sore throat, the irritation that the nicotine can give would only worsen the irritation you are feeling from your sore throat.  But, if you cannot resist it, well, you might as well take the following hints:

  • Your throat might get itchy an irritated, so used a ejuice that will sooth your throat. It is better to have the one that has menthol in it.
  • You will be dehydrated more that is why you have to drink a lot of water.
  • You might want to reduce the vape usage.


Can you vape too much?

Vaping too much is more evident to people who are trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping. In vaping, they tend to take more than the nicotine amount they are consuming when they were smoking because the smell and taste is much better in vapes.

Nicotine is actually addictive. It makes smokers want it more. So, if a vaper do not keep track of the dosage of nicotine he is taking, he might vape too much and this might result to serious health problems.

You might also want to ask if you could drown if you vape too much, well no! This is because your lungs are designed to have the ability to remove all moisture from the atmosphere. This moisture is actually a result of vapor, But the moisture capacity of the lungs is way more than the vapor you inhale. SO no need to worry about drowning yourself to death with vape.